How to stand out in South Africa’s competitive job market

Three million people lost their jobs in South Africa between February and April as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and recent forecasting predicts that by December, 35%2 of South African’s will be unemployed and more than 70% of our youth will be unable to find jobs. Entering this highly competitive job market is daunting. So, what can South African’s do - especially our youth – to make themselves more attractive to perspective employers? According to Rajan Naidoo, Director of EduPower Skills Academy, job seekers need...

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Was Lockdown Really Worth It?

In just the span of a few months in 2020 the world has shifted drastically, since the onset of the unexpected but devastating COVID19 crisis. As of April 2020, over nine in ten people on the planet, or 7.1. Billion people lived in countries with ‘lockdown’ & travel restrictions in place. 39% of the global population were residing in countries...

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Planning a trip to Namibia

Planning a trip to Namibia? Wondering where to go, when and how to get there and all the things to do? Travelling through Namibia by car is one of the best ways to explore the extremely vast and beautiful country. This, plus the freedom you have to stop and go as you please, makes self-driving in Namibia extremely rewarding. Here...

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