FEDHASA calls on Insurers to ‘do the right thing’ with legal certainty provided

FEDHASA, the leading voice of hospitality in South Africa, has welcomed today’s Supreme Court of Appeal ruling in favour of Café Chameleon, requiring Guardrisk to settle their full claim and legal costs. The ruling provides additional legal certainty for Insurers which have claimed that this needs to be obtained before they resolve valid Business Interruption Insurance claims, which have been pending for many months. “In addition to grappling with the devastating effects of COVID-19 lockdowns, hospitality businesses have had to tolerate unnecessary and unacceptable delay tactics...

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Was Lockdown Really Worth It?

In just the span of a few months in 2020 the world has shifted drastically, since the onset of the unexpected but devastating COVID19 crisis. As of April 2020, over nine in ten people on the planet, or 7.1. Billion people lived in countries with ‘lockdown’ & travel restrictions in place. 39% of the global population were residing in countries...

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Accra Inside Out

Accra has a great roadside food culture with fried yams, fried fish, grilled kebabs just some of the delicacies on offer. But the most famous Ghanaian delicacy is kelewele — fried plantain spiced with ginger and pepper and served with groundnuts on the side. Stop anyone on the roadside and they’ll be able to point a good stall out to...

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