10 Things about… Nacala


One of my favourite places to be,Nacala is a beautiful small town serving the deepest natural port on the east coast of Africa.

1. Getting There
The only airline currently making scheduled flights to Nacala is Mozambique Airlines (LAM) plus car hire services.

2. Getting Around
Roads in the town are not all up to scratch so do take care, especially during periods of rain. Hiring a car is probably your best option as public transport options are limited.

3. Where to Stay
Nacala Plaza Business Design Hotel, Afrin Nacala Hotel or Casa de Hospedes Muzuane are great options to try out!

4. Eating Out
For the best pizza in Nacala, you can’t go wrong with Libelula Restaurant. O Barqueiro Beach Bar Restaurant is situated right on the beach and good food, good drinks and amazing sunsets. There is no better place to relax than The Thirsty Whale, attached to Kwalala Lodge

5. Things to Do
Baía Azul Restaurante & Barpub hosts great outdoor street parties. Cathedral of Nacala and Mesquita Central de Nacala should definitely be on your list. Moz Adventures Nacala offers everything from whale watching, scuba diving and fishing to kayaking, snorkelling and wake boarding.

6. Shopping
Fresh produce and fruit can be procured from local markets while Estúdio Criativo Nacala is a good place to look for locally-made crafts and souvenirs.

7. About town
Neighbouring city Pemba is renowned for its Portuguese colonial architecture as well as its water sports and diving opportunities. A coral reef lies close to shore.

8. History & Culture
Pemba was a major trading base for Arab traders since the eighth century. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is connected to the mainland by a concrete bridge. The people of Nacala are of Chewa, Nyanja, Tumbulo, Yao, Sena, Tonga, Asian, European and Ngonde descent.

9. Language
The prevailing religions are Christianity and Islam and the official languages are Chichewa and English

10. One last thing
Mozambique is a relatively low-risk country to travel in. The risk for Malaria is high all year round so precautions are essential. It also gets blisteringly hot, so make sure you have plenty of sun protection and water.

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