Africa Tourism Association to Host World Tourism Conference


The Africa Tourism Association (ATA) will host the World Tourism Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa from 22 – 26 July 2019, and will highlight the opportunities tourism can bring to African economies.

In less than 15 years Africa’s travel and hospitality sectors have quadrupled in size, and according to the World Tourism Organization, remains one of the world’s fastest-growing tourist destinations, second only to Southeast Asia. The sector’s growth presents enormous opportunities and represents 8.5% of the continent’s GDP and contributes to 6.7% of total employment.

The conference, hosted by ATA in partnership with South Africa Tourism, will focus on innovative business models, best practices, creative industries, and strategic partnerships growing the tourism sector.

The Conference will bring together government leaders, international investors, industry stakeholders, and travel professionals from across the globe and recognise the countries and businesses leading the way in sustainable tourism.  

Programming throughout the conference has been designed to encourage discussions around tourism as a platform for resiliency, an engine for economic growth and job creation.

The decision to host this year’s conference in South Africa was an easy one; South Africa’s infrastructure combined with magnificent scenic beauty, cultural diversity and reputation for delivering value-for-money experiences, have made it one of the world’s fastest growing tourism destinations.

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