Best Things to Do in Zimbabwe


There are some few things you can do and see in Zimbabwe.

Ever visited a country and don’t know the best places to go hang out and where to grab a well-deserving breakfast, lunch or supper. Well, this is an itinerary for the people wishing to visit Zimbabwe for the first time and wish to see it in just under a 3-5 days’ notice.

There is absolutely so much to do and so much to see. I should whisper and say, great choice.

Take a short left and get to see what life gives you besides the bad side of what the media has always shown you.

Located in South-Central Africa, with modern and ancient sites and the most beautiful places like the Victoria Falls and the Hwange National Park. This could definitely be what you want and need to break a leg. There should be no law to gravel laws. Walking up the mountain is something thrilling and just beyond amazing.

I am from South Africa, meaning this is my neighbour. But I just procrastinated the fact that I had to visit this beautiful place and to my words of disbelief. Can I say, magnificent!

Going via the plane didn’t even take four hours and landing at the Robert Mugabe International airport. The place is beautiful and I must say, I don’t know what kept me from visiting because this country definitely knows how to live up to its high resemblances.

Chinhoyi Caves

Chinoyi Caves in Zimbabwe

This is definitely what I call “heaven” I have to say, apart from other extreme adventures. This Chinhoyi caves is a must do and experience. I was a bit sceptical I must say when I first heard about it. But then, you only live once. Why not? Being at the Chinhoyi caves in Zimbabwe, where it was first known as the ‘silent pool’ the history of the famous outlaw called Nyamakwere who was thrown into the pool and left to die, had me more interested and wanting to see it. it was believed that the famous Headman Chief named Chinhoyi had killed Nyamakwere. There is nothing as fun as knowing something this heavy and still thinking “I definitely want to swim in it.” Most people may say, “nope’’ but I was just in the front line wanting to leave already.

The Victoria Falls:

Victoria falls

I never imagined trying out something different like mountain hiking on the Victoria falls. Victoria Fall is one of the Seven Wonders of the world and a World Heritage site. The mountain is one of the largest mountains in the world, between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Once on the flight, you can be dared with the most asthmatic aerial views. Activities that are available like bungee jumping and swimming. I can just sit here all day and watch this awesome view. I don’t even believe there is someone who would enjoy this over and over and over again. There can never be an end to this beautiful view. So, refreshing and just therapeutic to do.

Before trekking, uphill do consider the guides facts on what to wear, what to carry in your bag. Because you just don’t know what to expect up there. You may also end up not enjoying the scenic views due to the lack of knowledge when trying out something new.

The Hwange National Park:

The Hwange national Park

The Hwange National Park is one of the largest parks of Zimbabwe’s two national parks. I can’t lie when I say that I had an adventurous day while witnessing some few elephants and lions roaming around freely. Scary but exciting and a must experience. But even though the day was well spent. The rain really did spoil it, totally. Experiencing a true safari where there is more lavish grassland, waterfalls, mountains, flowers, and rare birds and animals. You really can’t say that it isn’t a must do.

Another must-see will include your monumental buildings, museums, and cultural centres, cafes and shops, and for those interested in science and human artefacts. There are Iron age sites that may want a pop-in. being here is really amazing and really interesting. Something worth learning about and discovering some parts of this country that you don’t get to see often.

A little can go into some of the buildings as there lacks some infrastructure.


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