Experience a Four day tour of the beautiful country of Botswana.


Booking my ticket to cross the South African borders into Botswana was exciting and just time consuming. I wanted to leave already and having to climb one of the comfortable buses was worth it. Cruising up north to the Botswana country was something I was ready to do.


The whole idea was that we will see Botswana in a whole week, we opted for camping and home made food during our stay. With just 23 of us in the bus we were all ready and fired up for the ride.


This specific city is more of your rural area. Located in the Kalahari dessert, the western part of the republic of Botswana in Southern Africa. Was less intriguing with just dusted roads and poor infrastructure building, where you can literally count how many buildings they have. With the lifestyle, it is clear that its more of the poor settlement region. Here we met the bushmen and they were kind enough to share a brief history about their tradition and how important it is being passed down from generation to generation. Being here and seeing these people enjoy life to the fullest really touches you. Dressed in barely anything, just something to cover the bottom part and half of the top one side. Walking bare-foot was something I wanted to try especially since we are in the dessert, and unfortunately failed at it as I had pricks under my feet. I should say I’m shocked as to how easy they make it feel.

Being introduced to their form of medicine and how they never actually visit the hospital was educational. With just certain roots taken from the dessert and carefully explaining what and how it works was even more interesting. Heading back to the camp site where we were designated to sleep put around a circle near the fire as we exchanged some interesting facts about the bushmen cultures and beliefs.

Next day we were headed out and about to a new town and this time we were told that it is nothing of the dessert but more of a city itself.


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With the magnificent town as promised we were woken up by the sunset through the windows and nothing could excite us as we look through the windows and into the beautiful town. Being the fifth largest town in Botswana, with a population of approximately 55784 people. This town is named as the “tourism capital”. First encounter of the town was less interesting as you are wondering when exactly are you getting to the beautiful town that people are so fascinated about. Passing through some small village before we could reach Maun, where we had to wait a while to let over 50 cows pass and literally not being able to pass any other way except through the highway that these cows have invaded our right of passage.

Maun is beautiful and has been my favourite town. With beautiful lodges, hotels and restaurants. Anyone can come and experience this amazing adventure.

Going through the Okavango Delta being one of the largest place covering a site of 15000square meters and the water surrounding this beautiful place slowly evaporating in different sections. Being on the small plane and seeing the animals; elephants, hippos and buffaloes from an up-sight distance was amazing.

Cruising on the boats that carry at least three people including the driver himself and seeing the buffaloes from an up-close view was both amazing and scary. The Okavango Delta is something we wanted to experience with the camping crew. The tour guide walking us amongst the open field was I could say educated. He told us about the pros and cons of the open field and what to look out when walking on the land. The most funny part was when he was able to locate the elephants with just their footprint and when we asked how he knows whether they are recent prints, he just smiled and told us “I know”

Our last destination was daunting and yet still something we wanted to see before we were all ready to departure into our different destinations.


Elephant highway was one of the amazing things for me as we were at least able to spot at least 10 elephants crossing the road. Too scared, I literally just touched it with fear written all on me. The Elephant national park was just something that highlighted my adventure through it all. Heading back to the camps side since it was our final day on the one week tour trip was something we weren’t looking forward to. Again just sitting around the fire whilst sharing a few last moments and not forgetting the pictures, we sure take a step back on the most funny and not so funny moments.

Just worth a trip never forgetting, Botswana indeed is a beautiful country.

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