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Having worked in the Human Resource sector for 12 years, Genevieve Puni felt the need to return home and set up an HR consultancy firm to help show case and enable African talents to be sourced in a more modern effective way. Above all, act as a gap between Diasporas and potential clients.

With a team of seasoned experts in the Human Resources arena with over 20 years combined knowledge and experience in customer service, coaching, recruitment, learning and development, employee relations, human resource office management, procurement and events consultancy, the RecTrain Limited was formed.

“Our priority is to ensure tailored services offered to help increase productivity, returns on investment, retention and enable the business to respond to its changing environment.” Says Genevieve the founder of RecTrain Limited based in Accra, Ghana and head of the team.

The team work with clients on their needs thereby providing a world class recruiting, training, human resource office management, events consultancy and procurement services through partnerships. As a way of demonstrating commitment, the RecTrain team focus on delivering a constant stream of innovative services; understand and develop clients’ needs; have a fierce commitment to clients thus achieving the highest professional standards and ensuring that processes are designed to meet the specific needs of clients.

She continues: “We provide different services. However, with reference to the recruitment services we offer, clients are walked through the process at the time of initial stages and also ensure a pre meeting has taken place to understand and ascertain the exact requirements.  This gives us a better understanding of the culture of the organisation and how the potential candidate will fit in. One may say it is time consuming and I agree but in the end it shortens the process when it comes to the campaign plus have the exact needs of the clients thereby able to match the exact candidate (s).  My team and I have so far been at networking events, career fairs and partnered with other agencies to host events to increase the awareness of the business.”

The uniqueness comes from the fact that their clients get the idea of what goes in during the recruitment campaigns i.e. our process used is competency based method which is the best way of finding the right candidate. In present times, recruitment is gradually moving from the rigid style into a more conversational route.

Giving further details on the recruitment process and in the case of the candidates to be recruited, she says registration is done through the website by completing an application form and not just sending through CVs, once that is received, you are invited for a pre screen interview in order to be put on the database. “We don’t accept CVs at the initial registration stage simply because by taking time to complete an application form shows you are serious about looking for work. Most jobseekers send CVs for jobs with the click of a button without reading the requirements of the role and half of the time not qualified. 

Our main focus is on client management relationship at each stage i.e. pre, during and post the campaign and that is what makes us stand out.

Our plan going forward is to continue showcasing our services at every opportunity during networking events, going on shows to help raise awareness on the importance of finding the right candidates and its huge benefits on company using the right approach, featuring on social media platforms and given talks at recruitment events to young graduates on the importance of job hunting and its presentation.”

Who is Genevieve Puni?
Genevieve, last of six siblings is the founding director of RecTrain Limited. She holds a (Masters) M.Sc Degree in International Hospitality & Events Management and a Bachelor’s degree in International Hospitality Management from Bournemouth University and a level three CIPD diploma in Personnel & Training Practice. She has over thirteen (14) years’ working expertise which spans across Recruitment, Training delivery, Employment Relations, Advisory Services, Events and Office management after having worked in the Human Resources arena for both public and private companies including a leading charitable company in the UK Age UK, as well as Hospitality and Employment Sectors. Her key professional achievements cover recruitment, events planning, training delivery and human resource management and consulting in Europe and Africa. Genevieve has undertaken assignments with both local (private & public) and multinational organisations. She is an Associate Member, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development UK.

“My vision is to be one of the best mentors in HR arena within Africa by being helpful to others i.e. clients or jobseekers to achieve their goals. My passion lies in recruitment because you meet people from all walks of life and make an impact in their lives by finding them the ideal job as one would say “dream job” and that puts a smile on my face.

Nothing beats “ Genevieve thank you so much for finding me work” by a candidate or in the case of an employer for “finding the perfect candidate.” Those, in a nut shell, are some of my career and best highlights so far.”

This driven and passionate entrepreneur confesses the journey had not been so smooth especially when she started out. “Being an independent woman and an African entrepreneur comes with challenges especially when looking for business where some clients get very personal and deviate from the reason why you there and also feel very intimidated by the fact that you are a woman director and your place should be at home. On the other hand it has been wonderful and exciting, Africa is moving away from seeing everyone, including women, as leaders in their own right, hence we get compliments and admiration from others especially the youth.” 

“I believe the growth of Africa’s position in the global business arena is down to our leaders by ensuring jobs are created. Africans all over the world are willing to take up the challenge and impact the acquired knowledge from other parts of the world to our part of the world thereby making a difference and taking it to the next level.”

As for recruiting and showcasing African talents across the globe, Genevieve says Recruitment of talents within the African regions for junior to mid level roles has been smooth but there is a GAP of getting highly qualified African talents to take jobs within the continent or on behalf of a multinational client with specific requirements. She further made an example of a client that recently requested the recruitment of a Business Development Manager who is fluent in French. However, since Ghana is not French speaking country and the chances of finding the qualified local talent with experience of working in that sector was very slim, a candidate with local and international experience was offered the role. This goes to prove two points; the gap of local and Diaspora with both local and international experience and salaries offered.

“I believe the growth of Africa’s position in the global business arena is down to our leaders by ensuring jobs are created. Africans all over the world are willing to take up the challenge and impact the acquired knowledge from other parts of the world to our part of the world thereby making a difference and taking it to the next level. That is not to say local talent cannot do it. I believe with the right tools to empower them from their youthful days will go a long way to make a huge impact.”

How Bright Is the Future For Recruitment In Africa?
One would ask what is the future for recruitment of great talents in Africa across board?  She says it is very bright because we have only just started with showcasing our skills, experience and expertise in Human Resource to make an impact in Africa using different more relationship approach used in other parts of the world thereby helping companies reach their goals.

“There is a huge opportunity and future for Africa talents because for instance I gained knowledge in other parts of the world and impacting it right here in Ghana to make business dealings smooth and satisfactory from the clients’ point of view by ensuring their needs and culture are better understood. There are millions of us i.e. returnees out there who want to return back home but opportunities need to be created in order for them to make the move there by impacting and moving to the next level.”

An aspiring and inspired African entrepreneur herself, Genevieve has these words of advice for other up and coming African entrepreneurs across the continent: “My advice to anyone irrespective of which part of Africa you come from, where you are now or whatever stage in your career you are at, my advice is to make sure you are certain about your passion in setting up a business in your chosen field, speak to people in the industry with regards to how they started, know the terrain wishing to operate in and most importantly network extensively and finally chase your dream because the sky is the limit. It is scary but once you take the plunge you will be fine.”

Lastly, she further advises the African youth: “My advice to the African youth in relation to showcasing their talents and acquiring skills amongst others, I will say research into the current trends of recruitment, have a professional review your CV and advise on ways to job hunt, attend networking events, elevator pitches and career fairs. The problem I have noticed with African youth is they do not have the infrastructure with regards to career guidance when in high school or University for that matter hence they graduate not knowing of what is expected of them in order to start your career or better still have an idea of the little things to do to self start a business.”

This article was written by ASHLEY ADDEH


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