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Guinea Bissau can truly be described as the angler’s paradise – multi method and multi species. World record sized tarpon, rays, barracuda and leerfish all caught in testing conditions, around rocks, wrecks and islands . This is a true test of any fisherman.

Lures are the name of the game here, with everything from poppers, speed jigging , beach casting, live baiting , trolling as well. Because the locals are almost entirely farmers and geographically the archipelago does not lend itself to commercial fishing, these waters are all but untouched. This should ensure an action packed week with the boats trained guides putting you onto more than your fair share of hard fighting fish.

Guinea-Bissau has faced difficult times and continues to do so.  However it is a beautiful country.  Every February it holds the equivalent of the Rio carnival; where spectacular floats are prepared from all parts of the country.  The real jewels of Guinea-Bissau are its islands; Islas Bijagos. Some have said the Maldives does not compare to Bijagos.  You can cycle the length of Bubaque, from Bubaque village to Praia de Bruce, which is such a fantastic experience.  On Bolama even the old cemetery is interesting, with affixed photos of late Portuguese colonial residents perfectly preserved due to the climate. 

The African Queen ship undertakes weekly island cruises from November to April.  You arrive at a different island each morning.  The mainland is also fascinating.  The music in Bafata, the creeks full of oyster roots and the enormous crop of cashew nuts are wonderful attributes. 

While Guinea Bissau’s beaches are certainly alluring, this is a country to dive into, literally and figuratively. Beneath the waves, there’s great surfing spot and snorkelling, or you can float on the water too with lazy bamboo-raft trips (let someone else pole). The adventurous one can visit the turtle nesting site, or get their hiking boots on to explore the remote crags and forests of this crumpled landscape. You don’t even need to be as fit as Usain Bolt to enjoy the hike through lush mountains to the top of Mount Kakoulima.

The stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, endless adventure, rolling mountains, thick forests and exotic wildlife. – Guinea Bissau has it all. Whether you spend the afternoon exploring the tiny villages, dipping in the plunging waterfalls or tracking chimpanzees through the sticky rainforest, you are in for a treat at Guinea Bissau.

The best time to visit Guinea-Bissau is between November and May. The weather is ideal for island hopping in the Bijagós Archipelago and for nature tripping in the national parks. It is best advised to avoid the rainy season as it may make travelling around the country difficult.

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