Is It a Bad Thing to Tip Flight Attendants?


Have you considered maybe it isn’t such a bad idea to start tipping the air hostesses, whilst not trying to convey a negative message to it also. But, just out of generosity.

Depending on the airline, it is not a bad thing to tip your air hostess. People seem to have it hard when it comes to tipping casualties. Although even though it isn’t a must, but certainly a thought. It wouldn’t be such a bad thing tipping your air hostesses.

Effective from January, this has become world news and excitement to most people in the airline industry.

If it is possible that you have met a smiling hostess with a proper customer service attitude, then you are definitely on the right airline and maybe popping out a little cent won’t hurt. The flight attendant can now accept individual tips. The company has introduced the inflight payment system three years ago but has previously asked the attendants to pool tips. Board customers who have ordered drinks and some small snacks will be prompted by a message reading “gratuities are appreciated” to add a tip of 15% to 25%.

The question now lies with, is it appropriate to tip your flight attendant? While it may be a good gesture, some other people have rather chose to oppose it. The Association of Flight attendants International, which is a union that represents 50 000 flight attendants at 20 airlines including Frontier which is opposing the tipping policy. We all know that tipping in restaurants and hotels staff is something everyone is usual and not much of a hassle. But for someone to tip the flight attendant, that has totally come as a shock to many travel tourists.

Asking some of the travelers what they opinion was regarding the new system and what they thought about it, some seemed to have no problem with it, whilst some had more than just a negative impact to say about it. “it is one of their jobs to just look after their passengers.”

Whilst some were more than happy that they finally introduced the system. Tipping for casual people is normal and shouldn’t be more of a force. Many passengers have seen it as a sign of

With a minimum wage of R13 500 p/m domestic with most airlines in South Africa. The union representing the flight attendants have said that “instead the flight attendants should be paid a higher salary” which have sparked more attention. What exactly are the packages given to the flight attendants besides enjoying “travel benefits”?

Requesting passengers to tip the flight attendant can send mix emotions. if a customer wishes to give out tips, then that can happen on their own account. But if it is a request coming straight from the flight attendant then most of the time that could lead to many mixed emotions. the flight attendants’ job is to look after the passengers and must make sure that the passenger is well taken care of. And if a tip were to be asked for that, then it would mean the flight attendant now needs to be seen from a different angle. More like a servant and not as a ‘flight attendant’.

Send us your thoughts – do you think its okay to tip your flight attendant?


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