Nico Bezuidenhout Returns to Mango Airlines


Nico Bezuidenhout has been reappointed as permanent CEO with effect from October 1, 2019. Bezuidenhout was the founding CEO of Mango Airlines.

According to a statement from the low-cost airline, which is a subsidiary of national carrier SAA, the appointment of a permanent CEO is a step towards “stabilizing leadership” and “strengthening executive capacity” of the airline.He had also served as acting CEO of SAA twice before.

He also co-authored SAA’s long term turnaround strategy in 2013, according to the statement.

Bezuidenhout had resigned from Mango to take up a CEO position at Fastjet in August 2016. During his term at Fastjet Bezuidenhout gained experience in the markets of Tanzania, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Bezhuidenhout has 18-years of senior-level experience, 13 of which he served as a chief executive officer.

“He is also a non-executive board member of the state-owned airline in Kazakhstan and an advisory board member for an airline distribution technology company in the United States of America,” Mango’s statement read.

SAA’s board supports Bezuidenhout’s appointment, according to a statement issued on Tuesday.

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