Nomad Africa Edition 14 | Preview


A New Perspective on the Way we Travel

Epic adventures. We dream about them, save for them – plan for them months in advance. For many of us, getting out of our comfort zone and seeing how the rest of the world lives is a form of escapism. It brings us down to earth to appreciate the communities just out of our reach and the realities they face every day. The real question is, what is ethical and responsible when dealing with tours or experiences of this nature? Is it giving humanity a glimpse into the lives of the poor? To draw compassion and support for the injustices they face? Or are we in actual fact abusing poverty for our own pleasure? Sure, you can say township tourism plays a vital role in highlighting tourism attractions with a focus on culture and heritage in areas not adequately explored. But is it right?

It is sometimes speculated that the origin of township tourism started when an enterprising person started hosting tours in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for those tourists who wanted to experience the notorious favelas. Fast forward a few decades and township tourism has become a legitimate and accepted way for tourists to break away from luxury five-star hotels, albeit for some hours, and go on guided tours through some of the lesser known parts of world cities. However, can this form of tourism be used to uplift unemployment?

In this edition, we get to explore a new perspective on the way we travel. At what point do we draw the line when we visit a community, enter their homes and take pictures of them like we would an animal on safari? On page 64, we looked at both sides of the coin – “cultural immersion or poverty touting”.

We have added a few more segments to your favourite magazine as requested by you our readers. Our ultimate goal at Nomad Africa is to change the narrative of the world’s perception of the African continent, showcase to the world what the beautiful continent has got to offer and in so doing, encourage more Africans to explore their own continent. This is a noble course which we can only achieve with your continuous support.


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