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With easy access to all amenities. Located in the heart of Rosebank, this stylish little gem was where I was headed to satisfy my hunger for a feast. On entering the restaurant, you are welcomed by the beautiful portraits. This restaurant has a different art fill, from the best self-designed portraits and a mixture of both classic and contemporary style. The restaurant has this heavy but most welcoming artsy feel. Very dark covered most with grey and white patterns that is not too much but just welcoming and steady. Together with elegant interiors and an easy path making it easier for anyone wanting to pass not to disturb you.

There is a lot of emotions that can run through on your first time, one of them is “can I afford this?” the place is rich, it has this expensive taste. Even the receptionist make you feel more relaxed than anxious. The restaurant is stylishly beautiful, well-kept and clean. The staff members make you feel like you are at home. The waiter would approach time to time and would just make sure you’re still okay. Benjamin, the waiter did make it his mission to make my time there memorable.

A vast selection of different drinks to choose from:
With a vast variety to select from, the bar offers you a selection of wines, cocktails and lounge bar bites. As tempting as it was with the featured wine, I opted for a simple cocktail. My first choice was obviously the Purple Lotus cocktail. A perfect combination of the Avion Tequila, Clarified milk punch, lemon grass syrup blended together with purple syrup. More of a feminine drink should I compliment it. It had a unique strong pinch which I believe came from the tequila itself. It had a craving after effect that makes you want to still get some more.

I wanted to try everything, my mind was blowing with excitement and a hunger for a good feast. Starting off with the simple light meals I simply dived in for the:

Not really something beyond a fine Blench and pan-fried asparagus prepared at the perfect temperature and a pure combination of the dried chicken skin, and some pickled samphire. A beautiful pure combination of all the different flavours mixed together. Damages is R115 ($8.65). The tender and most truly utmost experience of this meal is, the purity of how an asparagus can taste so divine. If you haven’t tasted asparagus probably this should be the perfect opportunity for you to just nibble one or two of these delicious asparagus. But not everyone is best at combining the final result for one to be left gratified.

Has a pinch of both sour and sweet, it has this sharp smart kick of lemon juice and vinegar incorporated together to add that final pinch in your taste buds. The taste is too extreme at first but it complemented the whole flavour in the end.

The perfect decision for a big fan of Prawns. The prawns were well prepared and just perfect for eating. Mixed with prawn ‘nachos’, avaocado, labneh, prawn mayonnaise, prawn chips and a tigers dressing left me speechless and just gratefully spiralling around with happiness. These combination was just what I needed and what I would never imagine. A good high-five to the chef for beautifully preparing it to detail. Damage R165, ($12,42)

Main course meal was beyond describable, it is as though every plate comes with a perfection written on it. The two course meals were the:

Sea bass
When the waiter appeared with my dish, a pure neat well-presented plate. We all know our preferences when it comes to the meat. The best of the cooks is best criticised by the chefs ability to make a simple appetizing sea bass. On a medium rare make, a well coated meat, asparagus, Chinese cabbage, with the perfect mustard and mayonnaise dip sauce to best complement the tenderness meat. A lot of emotions are running in me, a lot of questions are piling. I just want answers, how can such a fish be this tender and enjoyable? Damage R285 ($21,45)

How can I describe this? Wow, an authentic taste of different flavours and a simple taste of patience. Biting into the meat was just something that left me speechless. The perfect Sirloin had this mouth-watering taste, the watery juicy kind of last minute taste. A clear combination of parmesan cheese, red pepper pesto, porcini mushroom, roasted garlic dressing. I had request a quick peak of the sauce, the waiter was most intrigued by the way I had a bite into my sea bass. The perfection of this filling taste, the watery juicy kind of last minute taste.

The final tasting was the most exciting course of the day. The dessert:
Creme Brulee
I chose this menu because I love chocolate. If someone had to just say we can bribe you, chocolate is all they would need. Forget about the money.
Like how Jo Brand (actor, author and comedian) once said, “Anything is good if it is made of chocolate.” I really love how it smudges itself on the tongue, leaving that sensational last minute taste on you. I love how any chocolate can brighten up any day, how it can change a mood! Call it boring but I enjoy my chocolate DARK. Having the dark chocolate crème brulee desert was exactly that, topped with warm picked berries. Damage is R98 ($7,37

What can I say, when it is marble everything was presented, perfected with delicacy. What to expect is a pure fine fig leaf with ice cream, wood fired figs, riccota and pistachio

All I can say is that I am far beyond gratified to have had an awesome experience like that. Thank you to David Higgs and his wonderful staff for the wonderful experience.

Service: I would give 10/10, we were assisted to detail
Presentation: 10/10 the food exceeded to expectation.
Minimum price range: R500 ($37,63) per person and maximum would be R1000 ($75,25)


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