Should French Citizens Stop Visiting Rwanda?


Following the spiraling out of control fallout between Rwanda and its neighbors such as Burundi and Uganda, France has issued a travel advisory warning to its citizens traveling to Rwanda.

According to a Ugandan media outlet, PML Daily, France’s travel advisory warns French nationals intending to visit Rwanda to be vigilant in particular areas during their stay in Rwanda.

Some Rwanda areas blacklisted for French citizens’.

The areas blacklisted for French citizens include the border between Rwanda and Uganda, border with Burundi/Nyungwe Forest, and Volcanoes National Park, home to the famed gorillas.

France has also warned its citizens not to travel near the Uganda-Rwanda border, “due to the current tensions between Rwanda and Uganda.”

On the Volcanoes National Park, France says there is a risk of “an incident.” Following recent incidents in and around the Nyungwe Forest- the border between Rwanda and Burundi, France has warned its citizens that, “it is not advisable to trek through the Nyungwe Forest and cross the forest through National Road 6 to or from Nyamagabe”, PM Daily added.

‘Several western embassies could bar its citizens from entering Rwanda’.

For safety during this period of time, it is important to put safety first for all citizens, not only the French. Additional sources have speculated that several other western embassies could follow France’s example in issuing travel advisories on Rwanda if Kagame’s administration does not change its stance with neighboring countries.


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