Why Ghana is No Longer a Top 10 African Destination


While nations like Morocco, Algeria and Senegal are picking up momentum in drawing international visitors, Ghana has faced challenges. These issues are currently being address with campaigns such as “The Year of Return” targeting African Americans, descendants of West African slaves taken from the region centuries ago.

Rank Country International Tourist Arrivals (2018)

1 Morocco 12.3 million

2 South Africa 9.5 million

3 Tunisia 6.2 million

4 Algeria 2.7 million

5 Mozambique 1.8 million

6 Zimbabwe 1.8 million

7 Kenya 1.4 million

8 Uganda 1.2 million

9 Namibia 1.1 million

10 Senegal 1.0 million

Why Did Tourism Decrease in Ghana?

Limited infrastructure like roads leading to popular destinations, poor sanitation and concerns about security have been listed as factors discouraging visitors into the country. The US Embassy in Ghana has identified the country as having particularly weak internet security and a high risk of phone snatching. What’s more, Ghana has not effectively promoted itself as an active tourist destination.

But here are three reasons to visit the historic West African country.

  1. It’s culinary and arts scene is growing. Many food tours are available to walk through the markets and experience a cooking class.
  2. Ghana is one of the few African countries with a stable democracy and healthy economy. This makes the place a safe all-weather travel destination.
  3. While Ghana isn’t renowned for its untamed safaris, its landscapes and parks can’t go unmentioned. Take a roughly three hour tro-tro ride west of Accra and then inland to Kakum National Park, an area that was established by local people in order to preserve the rare, and some endangered, wildlife who call the rainforest home.

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