Zimbabwe Airports to Become Energy Efficient


Zimbabwe has had its fair share of energy challenges but is now set to install a solar energy system at all of the country’s airports to ensure an uninterrupted power supply.

Zimbabwe’s Energy and Power Development Minister, Advocate Fortune Chasi, said that airports were a key infrastructure and their power supply should be guaranteed. This could only be ensured by harnessing solar energy.

“The basic idea is that airports are a key national installation and we have to have a situation where there is an assurance that there won’t be any power outage there,” said Chasi. “If there is going to be an outage [at airports], it could seriously compromise on safety as well as cause a serious dent on tourism.”

Chasi added that announcements about which company would undertake the project, as well as its commencement and completion dates, would be made in due course.

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